Together we build Jewish identity

We strengthen the fabric of our community, one person at a time, to ensure a vibrant future for generations to come.

Jewish education and Jewish identity-building and leadership experiences are an important investment in our youth. Last year, 1,009 children benefited this summer from a Jewish camp experience, and half of the 5,700 students attending Jewish day schools depend on some degree of subsidy through Federation CJA to access an excellent Jewish education. And since 1999, over 7,300 Jewish youth have deepened their connection to community through an enriching Israel experience, with increasing demand every year.

Aaron“When I started CEGEP, I was looking for an immersive experience to complement my studies. I found a program where I could spend my winter break renovating schools in impoverished communities and tutoring children. The other participants and I spent our evenings delving into Jewish texts and trying to develop an understanding of what it means to be universally human while particularly Jewish. I returned to Montreal with a deeper appreciation of community building and made it a priority to contribute to the development of such programs.

These opportunities have provided me with a wonderful platform to pursue my interests and I encourage others to do so as well.” – Aaron

It takes many different outreach efforts to meet the needs of our diverse Montreal Jewish community and nurture vital connections to our peoplehood. Only Federation CJA is at the hub of a network of dozens of communal organizations, ensuring that the programs and values that enrich our Jewish community are there when we need them – and remain strong.

Did you know?

  • We are committed to helping 6,000 young Montrealers connect – and stay here – through peer and professional networking opportunities, mentorships and leadershipdevelopment.
  • 64,437 free Jewish children’s books have been distributed to families in the Montreal Jewish community since 2009.


“Every month, my son waits with great anticipation for the parcel to arrive. Even though he can’t read yet, he is already turning the pages on the newly delivered book or pulling out the gift CD. It is very rewarding to see! As a mom, these books help me shape my family and strengthen the Jewish ties in our home.

Beyond receiving free amazing books right to our door, we become empowered as parents to teach our kids more and embark upon a journey of Jewish expression and Jewish identity. Very often, through teaching them, I’ve found that I am the one with the lesson learned!” – Keren


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